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A Software That Calls Those in Your Community to Book Estimates

Undisturbing. Non-Intrusive. Effective.

We Provide + Call Local Phone Numbers and Play Your Voice Message. If the Answerer Wants to Book an Estimate They Simply Press One. The Appointment Goes Straight to Your Calendar!

Per campaign we can make as low as 10,000 phone calls to 1 million plus. The sky is the limit! We have a database of over 50,000,000 plus phone numbers consisting of homeowners with purchasing power.

Stealth Dialer has increased our estimates by more than 10 fold
Vincent Gates
Owner of Solar Installation Company
We Make it Easy to Succeed

Our Step By Step Process

1. Tell Us Your Target Areas

We Can Target Any Zip Code in The United States or Canada
Our Team Can Generate Phone Numbers Based on Length of Time at Home, Income and HOA Membership
Looking for Developing Areas? We Have a Leg Up and the Ability to Find Homeowners in the Fastest Growing Parts of Given Communities.

2. Record Your Voice Message and Drive People to Action

Dial in by Phone or Send an Audio Recording of Your Estimate Invitation
Use One of Our In House Voice Actors to Record Your Message
Change Your Recording Anytime 100% Free of Charge

3. Delivery and Results

Customize Days and Times of Delivery
Send Appointments Directly to Your Google Calendar
Have Answerers Book Estimates Through The Automated System or Connect to You in Real Time with A Live Call

How Ambitious Are You?

Monthly Annual
Monthly Call Plans
  • 50,000 Calls A Month
  • 60,000 Calls A Month
  • 70,000 Calls A Month
  • 80,000 Calls A Month
  • 90,000 Calls A Month
  • 100,000 Calls A Month
Bulk Request
Annual Call Plans
  • 600,000 Calls A Year
  • 720,000 Calls A Year
  • 840,000 Calls A Year
  • 960,000 Calls A Year
  • 1,080,000 Calls A Year
  • 1,200,000 Calls A Year
Bulk Request
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